Our Process

Through our proprietary electrolysis process, a simple press of a button transforms plain water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, ensuring unparalleled purity and potency for our consumers.

Solid Polymer Electrolytic

Our Platinum coated (SPE) is a type of electrolyte composed of a solid polymer material that facilitates ion conduction. SPEs are ideal for liquid electrolytes due to the low flammability, excellent mechanical properties, and high ionic conductivity. With SPEs, our devices have become more reliable and safer than ever before!

Proton Exchange Membrane

The proton exchange membrane (PEM) is a critical component of our hydrogen water bottles that use electrolysis to produce hydrogen-infused water. The PEM is a thin, semi-permeable membrane that separates the anode and cathode chambers in the electrolysis chamber.

Negative Ion Electrolysis

Electrolysis is used in our hydrogen water bottles to produce hydrogen-infused water. In negative electrolysis, the anode is made of a material that promotes the production of oxygen gas (O2) and hydrogen ions (H+) in the water, while the cathode produces hydroxide ions (OH-).

  • Up To 1.6 PPM

    Our original hydrogen-generating water bottle uses SPE & PEM technology to produce molecular hydrogen water with the press of a button, taking 3 minutes to produce up to 1.6 PPM.

  • 414ml (14oz)

    Enjoy the benefits of hydrogen water while on the go, with our 414ml capacity, high quality water bottles.

  • Discover The Science

    Click the link below to discover the science around the benefits of drinking the hydrogen water our bottles generate.

    The Science