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  • Introducing our Hydrogen Water Bottle: Elevate your hydration experience with innovation and style.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our bottle infuses water with hydrogen for potential health benefits.
  • Sleek and Eco-Friendly Design: Crafted from high borosilicate glass, it's both stylish and sustainable.
  • Fun and Functional: Make hydration exciting with every sip, wherever your day takes you.
  • Join the Movement: Say goodbye to single-use plastics and embrace a greener tomorrow.
  • Your Trusted Companion: Perfect for gym sessions, office hours, or on-the-go adventures.
  • Hydrate smarter, live better – choose our Hydrogen Water Bottle today.

Why Is This Bottle Needed?

Discover the Secret of Nature's Balance with Molecular Hydrogen

Ever wondered why a stroll through the woods or a breath of fresh mountain air leaves you feeling rejuvenated? It's all about the ions in the air. In today's world, our environment is bombarded with positive ions, also known as free radicals, which disrupt the natural balance in the air and our bodies, leading to oxidative stress and aging.

But here's where molecular hydrogen steps in as your ultimate ally. With its unique ability to neutralize free radicals by providing essential electrons, hydrogen restores harmony to your body's cellular environment. Unlike other antioxidants, hydrogen's efficiency is unmatched, leaving behind only water as a byproduct. Say goodbye to imbalances and hello to a revitalized you with molecular hydrogen. Experience the power of balance today.

What's In The Box?

  • HyGasBottle®  
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Why Us?

Derived from cutting-edge water science and molecular hydrogen research, our exclusive design represents a pinnacle of innovation. Harnessing our expertise in English bio-medical engineering, we've crafted a bottle that seamlessly integrates research-based hydrogen concentrations, water structuring, and remineralization. Our advanced hydrogen generator boasts state-of-the-art filtering systems for impurity extraction, water structuring, and remineralisation, along with Nano-bubble infusion technology delivering pure molecular hydrogen for maximum absorption exceeding 1600+ ppb. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our bottle features premium materials including medical-grade stainless steel, pure platinum electrodes, and semi-shock-resistant glass. Experience unmatched functionality and design with our unparalleled bottle, meticulously engineered in England.

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3 Mins. 3 Steps. Daily.


  • Fill - with built in filtering
  • Press - automatic 3 minute cycle
  • Drink - feel the benefits


Our Technology

Discover the technology of our innovative Hydrogen Water Bottle.


Scientifically Proven

Improve Your Health

Hydrogen water, scientifically proven to be enriched with molecular hydrogen, offers a refreshing and effective way to bolster your health. Its antioxidant properties neutralise harmful free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. By supporting gut health, hydrogen water aids in digestion and absorption of essential nutrients, while also promoting a balanced microbiome. Furthermore, its ability to enhance cellular energy production fosters sustained vitality and mental clarity. With just a few sips a day, hydrogen water empowers you to optimize your well-being and thrive at your best.

  • Improve Gut Health

    Hydrogen water has demonstrated potential in fostering improved gut health by modulating the gut microbiota and reducing inflammation. Through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, hydrogen water may help maintain a balanced gut environment, supporting digestion and absorption of nutrients while alleviating digestive discomfort.

  • Mitigate Stress Impact

    Hydrogen water has been shown to possess antioxidant properties, which can help neutralise harmful free radicals generated during times of stress. By reducing oxidative stress in the body, hydrogen water may contribute to a calmer nervous system and promote overall relaxation, thus alleviating some of the negative effects of stress.

  • Increase Natural Energy

    Hydrogen water has shown promise in enhancing natural energy levels by combating oxidative stress and supporting cellular energy production. By reducing oxidative damage to cells and mitochondria, hydrogen water may optimize energy metabolism, promoting sustained vitality and alertness throughout the day


Antioxidants are molecules that help neutralise harmful free radicals in the body, thereby reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. By protecting cells from damage, antioxidants support overall health and may lower the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders.


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Excellent product...

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Excited to use them. All came and working

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Works great! Ready to see the benefits

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